Friday, October 28, 2011

Water Sampling a Critical Step in Residential Water Equipment Selection

For our wholesale equipment customers who treat well water, we offer a very basic water analysis. Ultimately, the success of the water treatment starts with proper sampling methods. We aren't talking rocket surgery here. Most residential water treatment systems can be prescribed by testing for 3-5 parameters, including hardness, pH, iron and Total Dissolved solids (TDS). However, what I find are samples collected in old pickle jars with little documentation. Most treatment companies will provide you with a clean sample bottle and a questionnaire, not pickle jar the home owner gave you.  If your customer wants an independent analysis, your customer can also find a certified laboratory in your State.

Critical questions for a questionnaire:
  • Is there an existing treatment system?
  • How powerful is the water pump?
  • How many bathrooms?
  • Any mega showers and Jacuzzi tubs? Irrigation?
  • Taste, odor, color?
Make as many observations as possible, listen to the homeowner. Part of your sample tool kit are your eyes, ears and nose. One of the best water observation tools are is a simple white Styrofoam cup. Fill it with water and see if there is any color or sediment. Always carry a washing machine hose and 5 gallon bucket. They make great sampling tools, especially if you are sampling from the well tank. Run off at least one five gallon bucket to clear the line.

LaMotte Color Q DW model 2059
 Of course you can forgo future brow beating and lectures from me if you purchase your own test kit and test the water yourself. You'll still need to ask the same questions above. Test kits range from mild to wild. We use the LaMotte Color Q DW model 2059. Now don't get excited. We don't sell test kits we sell the equipment after the test. If you get it right, every one's happy.

For additional information:
Certified water testing laboratories in your State
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