Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Condensate Polisher Shipped to a Virginia University

This past month, we have built and sent another condensate polisher to a major university in Virginia. This stainless steel system with carbon steel piping is designed to treat 175 gpm and designed to operate at 100 psig and 200 F. The system has dual ASME-code 36 inch diameter tanks. The piping is Schedule 80 carbon steel with flanged connections. Res-Kem stainless steel sodium cycle condensate polisher with Bray valves, Bray actuators, flanged piping and skid mounting.
The system has stainless steel ion exchange resin traps on each vessel to protect equipment downstream from catastrophic underdrain damage.
Res-Kem stainless steel resin trap which can operate at elevated temperature and pressure
The valves used where Bray butterfly valves with air actuators and handwheel overrides. The system used AquaMatic Controllers.
Res-Kem uses Bray valves, actuators and hand wheels on this condensate polisher.