Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Condensate Polisher Shipped to Arkansas

We shipped another condensate polishing system last month. This dual tank unit was shipped to a government facility in Arkansas.

a dual tank water condensate polishing system shipped to arkansas
Here are the key features of the polisher:
  • The system has two, 36" stainless steel, ASME-code tanks mounted on a skid to treat steam condensate.
  • The condensate polisher incorporates Bray 31 series butterfly valves with 93 series air open/spring return actuators.
  • We use a custom designed FRP NEMA 4X panel with an Allen Bradley PLC.
  • 304L stainless steel face piping.
  • Regeneration initiated via totalized flow or differential pressure.
  • Seametrics model IP101S flow sensors measure the treated condensate from each of the vessels.
  • The differential pressure switches are Orange Research 1201 series.
  • A subsurface wash is included to increase the time between regenerations increasing total energy efficiency.
  • A separate source backwash is included to increase condensate heat recovery.
Additional information:
Condensate Polisher system brochure
Condensate Polisher Checklist
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