Monday, May 21, 2007

Portable Service DI Tanks Added to General Water Rental Fleet

30 cubic foot Service DI mixed bed ion exchange vessel from General Water
Due to rapidly expanding customer demand, our General Water Service business has added new 30 cubic foot stainless steel Service DI tanks to the largest fleets of 30 cubic foot, all stainless steel, Service DI tanks in the mid-Atlantic region.

These portable service deionization tanks incorporate a welded four way pallet base for easy maneuverability at the customer's site. General Water's stainless service DI tanks are used in high purity and critical water quality applications. Based on the customer's requirement, General Water installs filter media, activated carbon, cation, anion, or mixed bed ion exchange resins in these tanks. All service DI tanks have a serial number and are lot traceable.

Visit the General Water website for more information.

General Water, a sister company of Res-Kem Corp., is a water treatment service company specializing in portable service DI water systems. We have a service area of 150 miles around the Philadelphia International Airport. General Water delivers from 1 cubic foot to 30 cubic foot tanks. Depending upon the size, tanks are PVDF-lined FRP, Poly-lined FRP, or all stainless steel.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Water Softener in Steam Plant

Water Softener Manufactured by Res-Kem Corp. and Installed in Cambridge, Massachusetts Steam Plant
Last week, a triple industrial water softener designed and manufactured by Res-Kem was started up in a Cambridge, Massachusetts steam plant. The softener system has an Allen Bradley PLC and PanelView 600 HMI for controlling the automated running and regeneration of the three softeners.

Each of the 48 inch diameter x 72 inch straight-side vessels holds 37 cubic feet of cation ion exchange resin. Careful coordination between A&E firm designing the entire plant and Res-Kem yielded a project that fit into the space and time allotted. The engineer responsible for starting up the entire steam plant stated that the Res-Kem triple water softener was the "best ion exchange system I have ever started up with a great design and excellent construction." The softeners are used to provide makeup to the steam plant.

Control Panel incorporating Allen Bradley PLC and Allen Bradley PanelView 600 HMI to Res-Kem's control triple industrial water softeners
About the Steam Plant and Network:
This steam plant supplies a steam network near Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The steam network supplies process steam to global leaders in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. The steam network used heavy fuel oil-fired boilers. The new plant now uses new gas-fired steam heating plant with a rated capacity of 110 tons per hour. The new facility will supply 150,000 tons of steam a year to its industrial customers and property owners in the Cambridge region.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Aquamatic Valve and Repair Kit Selection

Res-Kem receives many requests for replacement of GE(R) Aquamatic (R) valves and Aquamatic valve repair kits. Please contact us. We have many people that can help you through the selection of the correct Aquamatic valve or Aquamatic valve repair kit.

If you can have available the following information when you contact us, this would help you quickly get the correct Aquamatic valve. If not, do not worry. We can walk you through the selection.

  • What is the size of the valve?
  • What is the valve made of? Depending upon the valve size it can be cast iron, bronze, stainless steel, or PVC.
  • What are the end connections? Depending upon the valve size and material it can be threaded, flanged, or union fittings.
  • What type of actuator does the valve have? The options are normally open (Standard), normally closed, spring assist closed, spring assist open, limit stop, and position indicator.
  • What is the diaphragm made of? Choices are BUNA (Standard), EPDM, and FKM.
  • What process is the valve used in?

    On the Res-Kem website we have product information for liquid and air diaphragm valves:
    Aquamatic 420 Series (421, 424, 425, 426, 427, 428 and 429) metal diaphragm valves
    Aquamatic 531 Series (531, 534, 535, 537) corrosion resisitant diaphragm valves
    Aquamatic VAV Series (VAV1, VAV4, VAV5, VAV6, VAV7 and VAV8) air diaphragm valves

    GE and Aquamatic are registered trademarks of GE Fairfield, CT