Thursday, March 21, 2013

Water Softener Shipped to Hawaiian Resort Hotel

A water softener was shipped to a luxury resort hotel on Maui.  The system will treat the water for the hotel's laundry.
Hot Water Softener with Stainless Steel Piping and Bray Butterfly Valves
System Specifications:

Operating Temperature
140F water for laundry
System Configuration
Single hot water softener with automatic bypass
Materials of Construction
Carbon steel tank, non-code
304L stainless steel face piping
304L stainless steel internals
Cast iron Bray lug valves with 316 butterfly discs
Piping Connections
Valves and Actuators
Bray Butterfly Series 31 valves with Series 93 Air to Open/Spring Return actuators
Control Scheme
Single, time clock initiated regeneration with automatic hard water bypass

304L Stainless Steel Hub and Lateral Bottom Distributor
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