Friday, April 29, 2011

Corroding Condensate Polishers

I have written several posts about Res-Kem's reasons for manufacturing our condensate polishers in stainless steel. Here are two lessons why this is important.

What happened?
Within the past two weeks, we have been contacted by two different facilities managers who purchased sodium cycle condensate polishers from companies other than Res-Kem. The tanks on their systems are corroding through in 16-18 months!

What is the cause?
In an effort to save money on the capital cost of the condensate polishers, the ion exchange resin tanks were purchased with epoxy coated carbon steel. Slight and relatively common imperfections in the lining, coupled with the treatment of hot condensate caused rapid failure of the tanks.

While we understand and live with the same pressures everyone is under to reduce capital expenditures, the decision to use coated steel tanks will cost them much more money in a very short period of time. A stainless steel polisher will operate for many years with minimal routine maintenance.

What is the solution?
Unfortunately, these two systems cannot be salvaged. We have proposals at each of these companies for us to replace these corroding condensate polishers with two new systems fabricated completely stainless steel including the tanks, tank internals, face piping and valves.

What is the lesson?
If you want to maximize the huge energy and water treatment chemical savings a condensate polisher provides, please only buy a polishing system in stainless steel.

Tenergy Christ Acquisition Reaches Four Month Milestone

Just under four months ago, Tenergy Christ was purchased by our parent, Nalco Company, and renamed Res-Kem General Water LLC. For the most part everything has remained the same. They work out of the the same expansive building in New Britain, CT and have the same people serving you.

Re-Kem General Water's finall assembly area in our New Britain, CT facility
After we consolidated our websites,, and, some confusion occurred. We might have made it unclear which location to call on our contact us page. So here is how it works:

For Tenergy Christ Equipment:
If you are looking for technical help, spare parts, equipment service, etc. for Tenergy Christ or Christ Americas equipment, call our New Britain, CT office at 877-912-5500 or 860 223 0623. E-mail or ask for Aaron Astorino,

For Tenergy DI Service:
If you are looking for a DI tank exchange or service of DI tanks for an existing Tenergy exchange DI system, please contact Melissa Maffei at 800-323-1983. She will take care of everything. This is the one recent change after the acquisition. We want to simplify process of getting DI exchange tanks to your facility.

Remember the new number to call for DI exchange service is 800-323-1983.

I hope this is clear, if not, please contact Res-Kem at 800-323-1983 or at