Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Am I Using Too Much Water During My DI Regenerations?

We received a question on the amount of regeneration water an operator is using:
"Is it ok to use about 250 cubic meters of water for regenerating double-bed demineralizer system with a 125 gpm system capacity (132 cu.ft. cation volume and 55 cu.ft. anion volume)?"

Our Answer:
"250 cubic meters of water is about 66,000 gallons. Assuming you use around 20 gal/cu ft for backwash, 30 gal/cu ft for slow rinse, and 45 gal/cu ft for fast rinse; you are only using around 17,400 gallons of water total, not including dilution water for acid and caustic. Even if you round it up to 20,000 gallons, that is a long way from 66,000 gallons. You are using over three times the typical amount of water. You should work with your resin supplier to test the capacity of the resin and detect any possible foulants. You may have to clean or replace the resin."

Bacteria in RO System

We received the following question on our web site:
"I am getting some bacteria coming out of my RO that I was not getting before. How can I clean the membranes."

Our Answer:
"You can use a product known as Minncare(R) or Oxonia. Both are sanitizing agents made up of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid. Dilute to 50 - 100 ppm, pump through RO, soak for an hour and rinse out. Please check with you membrane supplier and Minntech/Oxonia to insure compatibility with your RO membranes. Both Minncare and Oxonia are on the web."

Thursday, June 08, 2006

"Take my CARBON ... PLEASE!"


Almost since our founding in 1983, Res-Kem's Technical Services Group has removed (rebedded) spent media, ion exchange resin and activated carbon, from industrial water treatment systems. Part of the rebed service usually includes removal of the spent media from the customer's site. Companies who regularly deal with waste know that getting rid of spent ion exchange resin or activated carbon can be a fairly complicated process. We take this hassle away from our customers.

For years, Res-Kem sales people have known our residential and commercial water treatment dealers have the same problem - how to properly dispose of spent activated carbon that accumulates over time. Res-Kem and Calgon Carbon have teamed up to help our water treatment dealers with spent activated carbon return. As a service to our dealers, Res-Kem will accept spent carbon at the Aston, PA facility. Call for pricing. Click here to download the PDF of the fine print.