Monday, March 31, 2014

3D Printed Model of Rental Condensate Polisher

To speed up installation of our rental condensate polisher, we will provide a 3D CAD file as part of the documentation.  This is will insure the condensate polisher starts delivering energy, chemical and water savings as quickly as possible.  As a result of having the 3 D CAD model, we had some laser sintered models of the units printed.  The size of the models is approximately 3"D X 8"W X 5"H.

Front and Side View of Triple Rental Condensate Polishing System
The cost of a 3D model depends upon the time in the machine, and the amount of polymer used to make the model,  To save polymer, you will notice we made the pressure vessels with a checkerboard pattern allowing unreacted plastic powder out of the model.
Back Side of the 3D Printed Model of the Modular Res-Kem Condensate Polisher