Monday, November 26, 2007

Pentair Water Increases Prices on Fleck Controls

Citing significant increases in raw materials, metals in particular, Pentair Water®, parent company of Fleck Controls, is implementing a price increase effective January 1, 2008 on select Fleck control valve products. Fleck residential control valves will increase an average of 3.6% and Fleck commercial valves will increase an average of 6%. Pentair has not published new price sheets as of this date, 11/26/2007.

3% Price Increases
Fleck 2510
Fleck 5600
Fleck 5600SE
Fleck 7000
Fleck 9100

5% Price Increases
Fleck 5000
Fleck 6700
Remote Meter Models

7% Price Increases
Fleck 1500
Fleck 2750
Fleck 2850 & 2850S
Fleck 2900
Fleck 3150
Fleck 3900
Fleck 4650
Fleck 9000
Fleck 9500
Fleck Twinflo
All accessories configured with valves.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Benefits of Working for Smaller Companies

Res-Kem Corp. currently has a job opening for a water treatment engineer. To fill this position I've been trying to think outside the box. Res-Kem is a great place to work, we're not perfect, but based on a recent poll of our employees we've discovered it's not such a bad place to be. If you're a water treatment engineer experienced in the any water related field (waste water, process water, boiler water, municipal water) I'd encourage you to apply.

If you are tired of the big corporate rat race and want to have the satisfaction of really making a difference, consider coming to work here. Decisions, big decisions, can be made in the course of the day without spending countless hours politicking. Some of the advantages of being small:
  • Big decisions made quickly - major stockholders on site
  • No senseless meetings and/or conference calls
  • High Flexibility
  • Ultimate Visibility

    Simply put, your contribution is vital to the success of the company.

    We're good at what we do, but we need your expertise to be even better. We are looking for people with experience in water treatment willing to help us get to the next level, help us innovate and create a world class organization devoted to:

  • Keeping our customers happy
  • The safety and well being of our co-workers
  • Maintaining our good reputation
  • Creating opportunity through sales growth
  • Innovation

    Why not become a big fish in a smaller pond? While our pond may be smaller, your ripple effect here is large - one person really can make a difference.

    One of our current job openings is:
    Mechanical or Industrial Engineer