Friday, January 25, 2013

Condensate Polishing System Shipped to University in Rhode Island

A condensate polisher was shipped last week to a university in Rhode island to treat their steam condensate to save energy, reduce water usage and reduce water treatment chemical usage.
Res-Kem Dual Tank Condensate Polishers Designed to Treat a Maximum of 300 gpm

What is the Res-Kem water treatment application?Sodium cycle condensate polishing to remove iron and hardness
What are the operating conditions?Flow: Maximum of 150 gpm/vessel
Pressure: 30-100 psi
Temperature: Maximum of 200F
What is the system configuration?Dual tank, parallel operation 30” in diameter tanks
What ion exchange resin was used?15 cubic feet of Purolite C-150 highly cross-linked macroporous cation exchange resin in each tank
Materials of construction?304 SS ASME code with a 100 psig design pressure
304 SS Hub and Lateral
Galvanized Schedule 40 Flanged and Threaded Face Piping
Type of Valves?AquaMatic High Temperature diaphragm valves

Additional Information:
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New Regional Service Center in Raynham, Massachusetts

On December 1st, we opened our new regional service center in Raynham, MA.  From this location, we serve Rhode Island, eastern Massachusetts & Connecticut, southern New Hampshire & Maine.

Res-Kem's New Regional Service Center in Raynham, MA

At our Raynham facility, Res-Kem:
  • Has local stock of most filter cartridges, ion exchange resin tanks (with 1 cuft, 3.6 cuft, 12 cuft, 30 cuft and 42 cuft volumes), replacement valves, valve parts, etc. used in your plant.  If you have something usual, we can maintain local inventory with our replacement part supply contracts.
  • Using our own truck fleet, provides exchange DI service for industrial, high purity and ultra high purity water production.  As required, we pick up and deliver tanks filled with activated carbon, cation resin, anion resin and/or mixed bed ion exchange resin tailored to your specific quality needs.  We can provided virgin resin exchanges and/or segregated resin handling for your most critical needs 
  • Repairs virtually all water treatment equipment from any manufacturer including RO systems, softeners, multi-media filters, carbon filters, greensand filters, EDI/CEDI equipment, UV systems and more.  
  • Monitors and maintains your water treatment equipment through PM (Preventative Maintenance)programs to virtually eliminate unplanned system shutdowns.
Need Help?:
For more information on Res-Kem's water treatment equipment

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mighty Little Chemical Pump-Stenner ECON FP

What fits in the palm of your hand an can pump up to 30 GDP at 80 psi?  The new Stenner ECON FP pump!   The ECON FP is an extremely versatile chemical pump. 

What makes this pump special?
  • This one little pump can receive signals from either 24VAC, dry contact signal, or flow switch.
  • The Pump Control Module (PCM) is built in.
  • All wires are color coded for easy installation. 
  • The control panel is an easy to read back lit LCD.  
  • Also, it could be the safest Chemical on earth.  Why?  Normally, chemical pumps need 120-220 volts to operate. Not the FP!  Since it can accept low voltage or dry contact signals so your risk of electric shock is greatly reduced. 
  • The FP has a DC motor and electronic circuitry eliminating all the moving clutch parts found in the Classic Stenners. 
Note to plumbers Well Drillers and Water treatment professionals: 
NO MORE Jerry rigging the well switch for power.   Don't get me wrong, you still need to plug into 120 volt power, but not 220 volt.  The FP's signal options gives the installer safer power sources.  Water Treatment professionals rejoice! 

Selling Clack, Culligan, Eco-Water or Pentair products?
The FP will interface with the newer high end electronics available with these companies.  YES!  Just plug in the FP to your water softener valve, program the electronics, and the FP will run!  
What makes this pump special?

What else makes this pump so special? 
  • Even more, better, is the new tube housing assembly. Tube change outs are a breeze. Just snap off the cover and install the tube, return the cover over the tube and start pumping! 
  • Even more, more better, the FP is Stock Item.
  • Even most better, the FP costs about 35% less than a Classic Stenner combined with a PCM. 
Please note Res-Kem is a business to business company.

Please contact us at 800-323-1983 or for a product bulletin