Tuesday, January 11, 2011

200gpm Condensate Polisher for Major Chemical Company

Res-Kem will be shipping a 200 gpm condensate polisher for a large chemical company later this week.
Res-Kem all stainless steel condensate polisher for major chemical company with Bray valves and Emerson Field Q Pneumatic actuators
Using our standard all stainless steel condensate polisher design, the system was customized to meet the customer's specific requirements. The tanks are ASME code tanks with a design pressure of 125 psig. All piping is welded stainless steel face piping and headers. Bray butterfly valves with Emerson Field Q Pneumatic actuators was customer specified. The controls will be provided by the customer.Bray butterfly valves with Emerson Field Q Pneumatic actuators for Res-Kem Condensate Polisher

Water Treatment Service Center Opened in Virginia

Res-Kem now has a service center in Colonial Heights, Virginia! Located just south of Richmond, we can now send out service DI bottles within a 150 minute driving radius. We service an area east to the Virginia Beach, north to Washington, DC, west to Lynchburg, and south to Greenville, North Carolina.

Also, we can perform break/fix, installation and repair services with the parts stored in the service center's warehouse. We can remove/repair/refill all sizes of media filter, ion exchange systems, and softeners.

Res-Kem General Water regenerates and delivers large and small deionized (DI) water tank systems. The flow rate through individual banks of deionized water tanks ranges from 1 gpm to 150 gpm. The DI tanks range in size from 0.25 cubic feet to 30 cubic feet.