Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Q&A on Condensate Polishers with Res-Kem’s Kevin Preising

While dirty condensate clean-up can be an energy buster in most processing plants, one cost effective solution is to polish contaminated condensate for re-use. Condensate polishers use a simple ion exchange technology that is easy to operate, easy to maintain and economical to use – less make-up water is required which leads to lower chemical and energy consumption.

Here is a brief Q&A video with Res-Kem’s Process Engineer Kevin Preising that addresses some of the most common questions about Condensate Polishers. Kevin touches on the following points:
• The difference between sodium condensate polishers and water softeners
• The life expectancy of a condensate polisher
• What plant utility services are required for condensate polishers
• Why a sub-surface wash is important
• The advantage of using a sample cooler
• The type of instruments on a condensate polisher

Res-Kem Process Engineer Kevin Preising

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Two Bed Demineralizer Technical Bulletins

Res-Kem has a complete 2-Bed demineralizer product line designed for industrial water production.  The standard tank sizes range from 18" to 96". 

PVC tank caoting and PVC Face Piping that is attached to a two-bed demineralizer
Two-Bed Demineralizer with
PVC Tank Coating and PVC Face Piping
These two-bed deionizers are designed for fully or semi-automatic production of water with a conductivity of less than 10 micro-ohms and feature:  
  • Flow rates from 10 - 220 gpm and capacities from 140,000 - 2,200,000 grains.
  • Strong acid 8% crosslinked cation and type 2 strong base anion resins as the standard, with other resins available as an option.
  • Microprocessor based control system with conductivity monitor and flow sensor for regeneration initiation.
  • Electrical enclosures are NEMA 4XFG corrosion resistant fiberglass, which reduces maintenance costs.
  • PVC coated steel vessels depending on size and customer requirements.
  • Optional ASME code vessels.
  • Factory assembled and skid mounted for quick installation and minimum startup cost.
  • Schedule 80 PVC piping package including air operated true union ball valves are standard. Air or electric actuated ball or butterfly valves are available as an option.
  • Pressure regulators, rotameters and metering valves supplied for accurate and safe control of regeneration water and chemical introduction.
  • Internal distributors are corrosion resistant, designed for optimum efficiency and are fully supported where required.
Technical Bulletins:
The following are the standard system sizes available from Res-Kem:

DI18072Dual 18-inch diameter demineralizer system
DI24072Dual 24-inch diameter system
DI30072Dual 30-inch diameter system
DI36072Dual 36-inch diameter system
DI42072Dual 42-inch diameter system
DI48072Dual 48-inch diameter system
DI54072Dual 54-inch diameter system
DI60072Dual 60-inch diameter system
DI66072Dual 66-inch diameter system
DI72072Dual 72-inch diameter system
DI78072Dual 78-inch diameter system
DI84072Dual 84-inch diameter system
DI90072Dual 90-inch diameter system
DI96072Dual 96-inch diameter system

For further information, please contact Res-Kem or call 800-323-1983.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Elliptical Bolt & Yoke Manways

Res-Kem is a leading supplier of elliptical yoke and bolt manways for personnel access to pressure vessels. Res-Kem offers various sizes of these complete manhole assemblies or tank manhole covers, which can be used for industrial and commercial water treatment applications. They are the following:

·         11x15
·         12x16
·         14x18
·         18x24

Most of the manway requests we receive from callers are for replacement cover assemblies, or top assemblies. A top assembly consists of the following:   

·         cover  
·         (2) yokes
·         (2) nuts & bolts 
·         gasket
the top assembly of a manway

We can also provide complete manway assemblies, which include all of the above, and the tank-welding ring. Tank welding rings, which are known as the tank opening,  are 3/4" or 1" thick, with depths of 3", 4", 5" or 6". Typically, our customers specify the ring dimension. We can offer some assistance on the ring depth if we are given information on the tank shell diameter, and the thickness of either the shell or head.
a completed manway attached to its welding ring
When it comes to replacing an elliptical manway on an existing tank, the most important aspect is to provide the inside dimensions of the tank opening (which is the welding ring), so Res-Kem can properly quote the correct size cover. Measuring the depth of the opening will help us determine the correct length of the bolts that are needed. For example, if an opening measures 4" in depth, we will offer a bolt length 1" longer than the depth of the opening if the size of the manway is 11x15, 12x16, or 14x18. If the manway is an 18x24 size, we will offer a bolt length 2" longer than the depth.

The dimensions of the welding ring are required to replace an elliptical manway

We offer manways made of:
  • Carbon steel
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 316 stainless steel. 
The manways come standard with a neoprene gasket rated for a max temperature of 170 ° Fahrenheit, or we can provide gaskets rated for temperatures over 500 ° Fahrenheit.

If you are not sure what size manway you require, you can review our product bulletin for assistance, email Mike Polito, or call us at 800-323-1983.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Condensate Polishing & Maintaining Quality Boiler Water

Res-Kem dual sodium cycle condensate polisher fabricated in stainless steel with Bray valves and actuatorsMaintaining proper boiler water quality can be both costly and complicated when faced with navigating ASME boiler water guidelines. One cost effective solution is sodium cycle condensate polishing. Simple to operate and maintain, condensate polishers have been proven to realize real savings relative to chemical and energy consumption and provide the ability to control
corrosion transport and condenser in-leakage.

Not sure if condensate polishing is a good fit for your needs? We’ve developed a Boiler Feedwater checklist to help. Click here to review the list or contact us and we’ll analyze your steam loop together.