Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Water Softener Shipped to Luxury Hotel in Delaware

Water softener for a new luxury hotel in Wilmington, Delaware was shipped from our Res-Kem Aston facility.  This system treats all the incoming Wilmington city water for the entire hotel including bathrooms, restaurant, etc.  With the special piping configuration, dual flowmeters and special Pentair NXT controller, the system operates in alternating, parallel or demand modes with simple programming changes.
150 gpm Continuous Water Softener System with
Carbon Steel Face Piping and Interconnecting Headers

Water softener for a new luxury hotel in Wilmington, Delaware to treat all the incoming water for the entire building sold to through a local engineering firm
General water treatment application
Two large 48”X60” water softeners for removal of water hardness and iron.
Operating conditions
150 gpm continuous operation
System configuration
Dual ASME-Code 48” X 60” alternating softener tanks each with a separate Seametrics flowmeter
40 cu ft of 8% crosslinked softener resin per vessel
50” X 60” polypropylene brine tank
Materials of construction
Skid mounted
Internally and externally epoxy coated, carbon steel pressure vessels
Schedule 40 welded /flanged face piping
Type of valves and actuators
Cast iron, Series 42 Pentair Aquamatic diaphragm valves
System Control
Each softener has an Pentair Aquamatic NXT stager/controller
Special piping, dual flowmeters and special controller allows for alternating, parallel or demand operation with simple programming changes
Special Features
System was skid mounted to allow for lifting of unit to the top floor of the building during construction

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Unleashing Innovation: Manufacturing - Wall Street Journal Special Report

The Wall Street Journal had an excellent special report on manufacturing yesterday, June 11, 2013.  I would recommend anyone who is involved with manufactured products and/or manufacturing companies should read the articles.

Here are some examples of what Res-Kem has been working on with 3D printing.   
3D Printed Condensate Polisher and Dealkalizer Models
Using Two Different Additive Technologies
The article's topics are as follows:
  • Advanced Manufacturing: The New Industrial Revolution
  • How the Chemical Industry Can find Employees
  • How 3-D Printing Works
  • The New Math of Manufacturing Costs
  • Tool clubs for Tinkerers
  • A New Suitor for Top Students: Manufacturers
  • Why U.S. Factories Have Old Technology
  • Dyeing Fabric - Without All the Water
  • The Experts
  • Who Says Jay Leno Isn't Cutting Edge?
  • What's Hot in Manufacturing Technology
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Calibration Services Offered for Thornton Products

Res-Kem now offers calibration of Mettler-Toledo's Thornton products including pH, ORP, and resistivity/conductivity probes.  These probes are used with Thornton M200, Thornton M300 and 770MAX monitors.  
770MAX and M300 Thornton Meters Installed in a Customer's Water Treatment Plant
Our calibration service coverage area is the mid-Atlantic and New England States.

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