Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Open For Business-Res-Kem Aston, PA & New Britain, CT

For Res-Kem Customers: Both of the Res-Kem regeneration facilities, Aston, PA and New Britain, CT are open for business!  Delivery services may be curtailed based upon local ordinances.

For Res-Kem Employees: If your State's roads are closed, then do not attempt coming in.  You must obey the laws as they apply.  If you are trying to get to work, please keep your safety paramount.  Use your best judgment of the road conditions.

Res-Kem New Britain, CT Remains Closed

Since the roads remain closed in Connecticut by order of the Governor, our New Britain, CT facility will remain closed until the roads are open for traffic.

If you need assistance, please contact our Aston facility at 800-323-1983 or send an email to sales@reskem.com.

Delayed Opening Res-Kem Aston, PA

Due to the hazardous road conditions from Hurricane Sandy, the Res-Kem Aston facility will have a delayed opening this morning, October 30. Some of our employes have already arrived, the balance will arrive by 10:00 AM.

If you need assistance, please leave a message at 800-323-1983 or send an email to sales@reskem.com

Monday, October 29, 2012

Res-Kem New Britain and Hurricane Sandy

Res-Kem New Britain will be pulling our Connecticut delivery drivers off of the road. The State of Connecticut is putting a truck ban into effect by 11:00 AM today for limited access highways.  At 1:00 PM, all CT state highways will be closed for all non-emergency personnel.  We will be closing the New Britain office at 12:00pm today.  We anticipate being open tomorrow.  As power permits, we are working remotely from our homes. You may leave a message on at 800-358-1983 or send an email to sales@reskem.com. We will respond as soon as possible.

For our DI exchange customers, we prepared for Hurricane Sandy by working additional shifts over the weekend. When we are allowed to be safely on the roads, we will resume deliveries. Thank you for your patience.

Res-Kem Aston and Hurricane Sandy

Due to the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, the Aston, PA office of Res-Kem will be closed on October 29.  We anticipate reopening on October 30. You are welcome to leave a message at 800-323-1983 or email us at sales@reskem.com.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Rental Condensate Polishers Now Available

Skid-Mounted, Rental Sodium Cycle Condensate Polishers are available for deployment with preconfigured systems in single, double, triple and quadruple module deisgns to treat condensate return for reuse as boiler feedwater. All wetted parts for Res-Kem Condensate Polishers are 316 stainless steel. Single units are rated for flows up to 210 gpm. Use multiple modules in parallel to treat flows up to 840 gpm. 

Res-Kem is offering a rental option because companies who want to immediately begin to saving money recovering waste heat, reducing water usage, and reducing water chemical usage may not have sufficient capital.

Res-Kem CPR-2 Rental Condensate Polisher
Designed to Treat up to 420 gpm

•Skid Mounted Units With Flows up to 840 gpm
•All 316L Stainless Steel Wetted Parts
•Welded Components Media Blasted and Passivated
•ASME Code Stainless Steel Vessel Designed for 100 psig
•Factory Assembled Schedule 40 316 Stainless Flanged and ASME Section IX Welded Valve Nest
•Stainless Hub and Wedge Wire Screened Lateral Underdrain
•NEMA 4XFG Electrical Enclosure
•Differential Pressure Switch
•Flow Sensor
•Automatic Fast Rinse and Backwash Flow Controller
•Separate Cold Water Connection for Regeneration Cycles
•High capacity, High Crosslinked Macroporous Cation Resin
•Stainless Steel Resin Trap
•Water Sample Cooler
•Manual Isolation Valves and Bypass Piping

•Monthly site service visit to insure proper operation
•Yearly resin cleaning to maximize system efficiency
•Resin replacement every three years included

•Quick ROI by Reclaiming Waste Heat and Increasing Cycles
•Cold Water Regeneration Saves Heated Water
•Standard Designs Reduce Cost and Delivery Time
•Passivated Flanged and Welded Piping for Corrosion Resistance
•High Strength Resin Selected for Long Life

•Pressure Relief Valve
•Allen Bradley PLC

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