Tuesday, November 15, 2011

3D CAD Drawings for Condensate Polishers for University in Massachusetts

In order to speed installation of the condensate polishers we recently shipped to Massachusetts, Res-Kem was asked to provide 3D CAD files for the condensate polishers.  Here are some screenshots of these drawings.
A three dimensional representation of a Triple Condensate Polisher
Solidworks 3D CAD drawing of Triple Condensate Polisher
Why use 3D CAD?
Given the complexity of the installation, tight dimensions and tight timeline, the 3D drawing helps the mechanical contractors understand how the condensate polisher is assembled and needs to be installed.  Also, prior to receiving the system, the contractor can bring piping to the equipment saving on site installation time. 

In addition to the standard AutoCAD and Solidworks files we sent to the customer, we sent an executable file.  This allows anyone, with or without a CAD program, the ability to select any view and take dimensions off of the drawing.

A condensate polisher that can be used in your plant
Alternate view of 3D CAD drawing of Stainless Steel Condensate Polishers
Contact us for assistance sizing and selecting a condensate polisher for your plant.

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