Friday, January 23, 2009

Aquamatic Valve & Control Lines Discontinued

In addition to the announcement of the A200 series impulse control stager being discontinued, the letter from Pentair has other Aquamatic discontinuations. The following Aquamatic Valve & Control Lines will be discontinued after March 13, 2009. Also, certain Aquamatic Valve & Control options will be discontinued after March 13, 2009. Orders can be placed until March 2, 2009. Contact Res-Kem if you need help finding a potential replacement.

Discontinued Aquamatic Valve & Control Lines:
Product Family: V82 Series
Product Type: Diaphragm valves
Description: High pressure brass line
Potential Replacement: V46 Series

Product Family:V44 Series
Product Type: Diaphragm valves
Description: Iron and brass isolated bonnet line
Potential Replacement: V42 Series, K55 Series

Product Family: 59 Series
Product Type: Stager
Description: 16 port brass stager line
Potential Replacement: 58 Series

Product Family: 96 Series
Product Type: Stager
Description: 8 port high pressure line

Discontinued Aquamatic Valve & Control Options:
Description: Drill and tap Options 5(all four bosses) and 7 (bosses #1 and #3) on K52 Series and K53 Series valves
Potential Replacement: Drill and tap Options 1-4, 6

Description: FKM (Viton) diaphragm on K53 Series
Potential Replacement: Buna-N diaphragm: K52 series FKM diaphragm

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A200 Stager Control from Aquamatic Discontinued

Soon after we completed changes to our website, discussed in our previous blog post, a discontinuation notice was Res-Kem just received in the mail from Aquamatic about the A200 Stager Control. After March 13, 2009 the controller, also called an A200 Impluse Stager Control, will no longer be available. The reason given was "despite their lengthy time on the market, (these products) have experienced low demand and declining sales in recent years. As a result, Pentair is making the difficult decision to eliminate these lines so it may focus on growing its core Aquamatic Valve and Control business."

Possible Solution:
A potential replacement could be the 962 Stager Control series from Aquamatic. If you contact Res-Kem we can help you determine if it will work for your application and how it may need to be configured to work.