Monday, August 26, 2013

Customized Greensand Filter for Brewery Prepared for Shipping

With factory testing completed, Res-Kem's greensand filter with several advanced features is ready for shipment to a local brewery.  Because the water is integral to production of their beer, this expanding brewery needed features which are not typical for a greensand filter:
  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC with Ethernet gateway to communicate with the central plant control system.
  • Expandable, in the field, from four to eight parallel greensand filter units without requiring reprogramming of the PLC.
  • Multiple, user definable,  regeneration initiation options including manually initiated, differential pressure and/or totalized flow.
  • Valve position feedback to insure when a valve supposed to be open or closed, the valve is in the correct position.  If incorrect, an alarm will sound and be indicated on the Panelview 1000 HMI.
Quad 48"Diameter Greensand Filter During Factory Testing

General System Information:
Four tank, continuous regeneration non-skid mounted greensand system with manual, differential pressure and/or totalized flow initiated regeneration. The system is constructed of four, 48" diameter fiberglass, non-ASME code, rated at 100 psig working pressure tanks. The system is controlled using an Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC with an Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 1000 touchscreen HMI.  The system has Georg Fischer pneumatically actuated air-to-spring ball valves with visual and electrical valve indication.  The face piping is Schedule 80 PVC pipe and fittings.  Each vessel contains 38 cubic feet of Greensand Plus for high iron removal.  To allow for iron removal, the incoming water will be treated continuously with a chlorine dioxide generator.
Touchscreen Panelview Plus 1000 HMI for Equipment Control
For Additional Information:
To determine if a greensand filter will work for your company, contact us.