Friday, October 28, 2011

Condensate Polishing System Shipped to University in Massachusetts

A triple all stainless steel condensate polisher was shipped to a university in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The system is designed to treat 445 gpm of condensate and is replacing an existing unit which had reached the end of its life.  This is part of a major upgrade of the steam plant including the condensate polishers, a triple dealkalizer system, which Res-Kem will provide in November, and a deaerator.
A triple stainless steel condensate polishing system that Res-Kem offers
Res-Kem Triple Stainless Steel Condensate Polishing System
Here are the key features of the condensate polisher:
  • For long equipment life, the system has three, 54" ASME-code tanks manufactured in 304 L stainless steel. 
  • To simplify field installation, the system includes inlet, outlet, drain, backwash supply, brine and sub-surface wash headers.
  • The condensate polisher incorporates Bray 31 series butterfly valves with 92 series air open/air close actuators.
  • We supplied a custom designed FRP NEMA 12 panel with an Allen Bradley PLC with three solenoid boxes..
  • 304L stainless steel face piping.
  • Regeneration initiated via totalized flow or differential pressure.
  • The flow sensors to measure the treated condensate from each of the vessels were supplied by others.
  • The differential pressure switches are Orange Research 1203 DP transmitters with 4-20 mA output.
  • A subsurface wash is included to increase the time between regenerations increasing total energy efficiency.
  • A brine distributor for reduced salt usage
  • A separate source backwash is included to increase condensate heat recovery.
  • To prevent downstream damage, stainless steel resin traps are included in the treated water line.
A condensate polishing system that is in the middle of being off-loaded for a customer
Condensate Polishing System Being Off-Loaded at Customer's Site
Given the small space where the system is located, the standard design of the condensate polisher had to be re-engineered.  For example:
  • The three pressure vessels could not be evenly placed because a vertical support beam would be in the way making each header piece unique.
  • A height restriction required numerous engineering design iterations to get the system in the space allotted.
  • All headers needed to be nested in a very small envelop on the front of the system.
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