Thursday, June 26, 2008

Water Neutralization Saves $23,000 Annually

Res-Kem has published another white paper on water treatment. This next one is entitled "Bucking the Industry Trend… Simple Change to Water System Saves New Jersey Manufacturer $23,000 Annually"by Kevin Preising.

This paper details how the addition of an acid water neutralizer (5.5-6 pH) as a pre-treatment step to the Reverse Osmosis system saved over $23,000/year in downstream operation expenses at a New Jersey manufacturing plant. The acid water neutralizer, with an investment of less than $7,000 and operational and labor costs of only $700/year, has a Return on Investment of less than three months. While not a solution for all systems with reverse osmosis and high acidity, discussing neutralization with a qualified vendor can save Electrodeionization and/or Service DI operational expenses.

What is really interesting about this paper is it shows how a simple acid water neutralizer, properly applied, can save a considerable amount of money on operating expenses.

Having been in the water treatment industry for two decades, I have seen the trend in the water treatment industry towards more and more complex water treatment technologies and discounting past knowledge as old-fashioned. Often lost is a true understanding of water chemistry by some current "industry experts" and the simple, economic solutions to water treatment problems.

Please take a look and tell us what you think!

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