Monday, November 28, 2011

Validatable Water System for New Jersey Pharmaceutical Company Shipped

We were recently asked to provide a DI water system for a central NJ Pharmaceutical company. They required a small amount of water for a batching operation, 50 – 60 gallons per batch 3 to 5 batches per day. Their requirements were that the water would have to meet USP specifications and that the system would need to be validatable.

Reskem Water treatment and recirculation system on skid mounts
Res-Kem Skid-Mounted Water Treatment and Recirculation System
Being Prepared For Delivery
This was a perfect fit for one of our portable skid mounted, pre-plumbed and wired delivery systems. The system fabricated offered 5-micron pre filter cartridge, gallon totalizing meter, SDI exchange tanks, 1-micron resin trap filter cartridge to a 125-gallon storage tank complete with vent filter, spray ball assembly, and 3-way level control. The water would then return to the skid by way of a continuous duty recirculation pump where it would continue through a flow indication meter, bacteria control ultra violet, exchangeable polishing resin tanks and 0.20 micron absolute final filters before returning to the storage tank.

A storage tank made out of polypropylene that has a spray ball assembly being prepared for delivery
125 Gallon Sterile-Vented Polypropylene Storage Tank
With Spray Ball Assembly Being Prepared for Delivery
The customer also included an optional temperature control dump valve and resistivity monitor with two sensors. All this is controlled by an AB-Micrologx 1200 PLC. The entire skid with storage tank takes up less than 16 square feet of floor space and stands less than 6 feet in height.

To complete the package was all validation documentation to insure a seamless and quick turn over at start-up. This included P&ID, electrical schematics, and data required for IQ (Installation Qualification), and OQ (Operational Qualification).  This package was provided as both a hard copy and on a CD.  
A P&ID for a Reskem recirculation skid
P&ID For Res-Kem Recirculation Skid
Also, as an economical advantage, this system is not only portable but also expandable with very little expense so it will grow as the business grows.

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