Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ion Exchange System - Two Bed Deionizer (DI) System - Shipped

This two bed ion exchange DI system was shipped from Res-Kem this past week.

Res-Kem Skid-Mounted Two Bed DI System for Process Water Treatment

The DI system consists of two identical skid-mounted ion exchange units each with a cation vessel followed by an anion vessel. The DI system was designed to treat a continuous flow rate of 90 gpm of multi-media filtered water for process water and boiler feedwater requirements. The ion exchange units incorporate air actuated GE Aquamatic valves. For simplicity and to improve reliability, all flow, conductivity, and chemical concentration parameters are monitored by a single Thornton 770 MAX Multiparameter controller.

These two bed ion exchange DI systems will be incorporated into the customer's plant automation. Given the level of automation, the customer's critical requirement was to have the ability to verify position of the Aquamatic valves remotely. Plant operators needed confirmation that when they sent a signal for a valve to actuate this actually occurred. Unfortunately, Aquamatic valves do not have the option of remote feedback. Working with a valve integrator, we were able to meet this requirement.