Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Whole House RO System for Brackish/Salt Water

Here are some pictures of an interesting project our team out of our Jacksonville, Florida warehouse and assembly facility recently configured for a well driller customer. The system was designed to treat brackish/salt water from an ocean front property. As you can see, given the complexity of the water problem and limited space, the equipment was squeezed into a small space.

Whole House RO Control Panel

System Description:
This house is right on the ocean, pulling salt water in from a well. The house is very close to Marineland, Florida (The home of Flipper!) .

As expected, the well has a high Total Dissolved Solids, TDS, value. Also, the water had a "rotten egg", Hydrogen Sulfide, H2S, smell.

The equipment is as follows:

  • Well pump and tank
  • Hydrogen Peroxide injection system with Stenner PCM 5 controller and Hayes meter to correct the Hydrogen Sulfide, H2S, in the incoming brine/salt water
  • Whole house carbon filter with backwash system
  • Twin tank Fleck 9100 softener system for continuous treated water even during regeneration
    Well Tank, Whole House Carbon, and Twin Tank Softener
  • 10 micron prefilter
  • Whole house RO system rated for 1800 GPD
  • 500 gallon atmospheric storage with level switches for pump protection

  • Atmospheric Storage Tank
  • Repressurization pump and tank for house feed water
  • Fleck 5600 backwash polishing filter for pH and taste control
  • Hydrosafe 12 gpm UV Light with stainless steel housing for bacteria control activated with flow switch.

  • References:

    DT Series Softener Brochure
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