Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Problems with a Bruner(R) Softener Multi-Port Valve

Here are some common problems we see with very old Bruner(R), Bruner-matic(R), and Culligan(R) Hi-Flo (TM) multi-port valves. A recent request for help prompted this posting.

I have an old Bruner softener with a large cast iron multi-port valve. Here are some of the issues:
  • Periodically my brine tank overflows
  • My runs seem to be shorter than before
  • I seem to be using more salt than before
  • I replaced the softener resin only two years ago

    What could be the problem?

    Possible Causes:
    The Bruner Bruner-matic and Culligan Hi-Flo multi-port valves are very rugged valves that last for many, many years. Since they are so robust, people tend to forget they need to maintain the valves. The problems described above indicate there may be a problem with the multiport valve. The possible causes are:
  • Ruptured valve diaphragm
  • Leaky valve diaphragm
  • Bad brine valve
  • Blocked drain line flow control
  • Clogged pilot feed line or pilot screen

    Here is how to diagnose what the problem might be.

    Diaphragm Related Problems: Unfortunately, in order to figure out if a valve diaphragm is leaking or ruptured, you need to take the valve apart. Doing so will typically damage the diaphragms. Therefore, you should order a valve replacement kit before disassembling the valve

    Brine Valve Related Problems: In order to determine if there a problem related to the brine system, disconnect the brine line from the valve while the valve is in the "Brine Draw" step of the regeneration cycle.
  • If there is a vacuum, the Bruner multi-port valve is okay, but the brine valve is clogged or has failed.
  • If there is no vacuum from the multiport valve, check the drain line flow control for blockage. This is most likely the problem.

    Pilot Line Related Problems: Check and clean the pilot line strainer. The small screen on the strainer often gets clogged with valve corrosion chips.

  • Possible Remedies:

  • Establish a Preventative Maintenance, PM, program for the multiport valves

  • Replace old valves with a replacement valvenest using valves like the GE(R) Aquamatic(R) type.


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