Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dual Tank "DT" Softener Product Line Revamped

The Res-Kem Dual Tank, "DT", water softener product line has been revamped yielding a complete line of standard products that can treat flow rates between 4 and 42 gpm continuously, with peaks rates up to 50 gpm. The capacity range is 15,000 to 270,000 grains between regenerations. These automated units are designed to provide continuous soft water 24 hours per day. Perfect for boiler treatment applications. By standardizing the product line, most systems are available for immediate pricing and shipment from inventory**.

A new brochure has been completed and an engineering outline drawing is available.

The DT-Series dual tank softeners are designed based around the Pentair Fleck 9000, Fleck 9001, Fleck 9100, Fleck 9101, and Fleck 9500 valves. The 9000, 9001, or 9500 Series Econominder feature an all brass control valve. With a meter initiated, twin tank alternating design, one tank is in service while the second is held in stand-by. These rugged control valves provide a low maintenance, high flow rate, and quality system able to meet the most demanding needs. A lower cost option is a Res-Kem DT Softener that incorporates the 9100 or 9101 Series non-metallic valves. Depending upon the valve, the meter that initiates the regeneration cycle is either of brass or composite construction.

** The "ET", electronic timer, for the Fleck 9000, 9001, and 9500 valves are a stocked item. The only exceptions are systems with the Fleck 9100 and 9101 valves. The optional "ET", electronic timer, is an non-stocked item.

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