Friday, March 23, 2012

Downloadable Catalog of Water Treatment Equipment Updated

For 2012, we updated our downloadable industrial water treatment catalog.  (Given the number of equipment choices we provide, the catalog file is very large, so please be patient during the download.)

The Reskem Catalog for Industrial Water Treatment Equipment
Res-Kem's Industrial Water Treatment Equipment Catalog for 2012
 In addition to the updated XL, CL and ML Series RO system bulletins list in my previous post, we have updated the two bed demineralizer sections of our catalog to include all of the standard sized DI systems up to 96" in diameter.

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Monica said...

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Joseph Nicholas said...

It's good that you have published your catalog on internet. In this way anyone who is a user of your product or even if someone wants to read about water treatment systems can get a good information about these systems. One can easily build a concept about waste water systems by reading your catalog.