Friday, March 09, 2012

Condensate Polisher Product Bulletin Updated

Res-Kem has updated the features list of our standard condensate polisher product line because we had important ones which we did not tell anyone about!

For example:
  • All of the welded stainless steel piping and tank components have always used the expensive and necessary bead blasting and passivation, for long condensate polisher system life
  • All our stainless steel piping is welded per ASME Section IX
  • All our laterals use wedge wire screeening
One of Reskem's Alternating 48
Duplex Alternating 48" Condensate Polisher
with Optional Bray Valves

stainless steel header with wedge wire lateral distributors
Stainless Steel Header & Wedge Wire Lateral Distributors
Installed Above
Stainless Steel Hub & Wedge Wire Laterals
Also, one common option customers have asked for is to provide stainless steel headers.  For most multiple unit systems we have sold, we have provided the inlet, outlet, brine, sub-surface wash and drain headers.  We needed to add this information to the bulletin as well.

Additional Information:
New Condensate Polisher Bulletin

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