Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Two Bed Demineralizer Technical Bulletins

Res-Kem has a complete 2-Bed demineralizer product line designed for industrial water production.  The standard tank sizes range from 18" to 96". 

PVC tank caoting and PVC Face Piping that is attached to a two-bed demineralizer
Two-Bed Demineralizer with
PVC Tank Coating and PVC Face Piping
These two-bed deionizers are designed for fully or semi-automatic production of water with a conductivity of less than 10 micro-ohms and feature:  
  • Flow rates from 10 - 220 gpm and capacities from 140,000 - 2,200,000 grains.
  • Strong acid 8% crosslinked cation and type 2 strong base anion resins as the standard, with other resins available as an option.
  • Microprocessor based control system with conductivity monitor and flow sensor for regeneration initiation.
  • Electrical enclosures are NEMA 4XFG corrosion resistant fiberglass, which reduces maintenance costs.
  • PVC coated steel vessels depending on size and customer requirements.
  • Optional ASME code vessels.
  • Factory assembled and skid mounted for quick installation and minimum startup cost.
  • Schedule 80 PVC piping package including air operated true union ball valves are standard. Air or electric actuated ball or butterfly valves are available as an option.
  • Pressure regulators, rotameters and metering valves supplied for accurate and safe control of regeneration water and chemical introduction.
  • Internal distributors are corrosion resistant, designed for optimum efficiency and are fully supported where required.
Technical Bulletins:
The following are the standard system sizes available from Res-Kem:

DI18072Dual 18-inch diameter demineralizer system
DI24072Dual 24-inch diameter system
DI30072Dual 30-inch diameter system
DI36072Dual 36-inch diameter system
DI42072Dual 42-inch diameter system
DI48072Dual 48-inch diameter system
DI54072Dual 54-inch diameter system
DI60072Dual 60-inch diameter system
DI66072Dual 66-inch diameter system
DI72072Dual 72-inch diameter system
DI78072Dual 78-inch diameter system
DI84072Dual 84-inch diameter system
DI90072Dual 90-inch diameter system
DI96072Dual 96-inch diameter system

For further information, please contact Res-Kem or call 800-323-1983.


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