Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Homespring Water Purifier to be Stocked By Res-Kem

GE Homespring Water Purifier from
The Homespring Water Purifier will be stocked by Res-Kem Corp.

Previously, the Homespring Water Purifier was marketed for a number of years through a master distributor program direct from the inventor of the system, Zenon. Now, GE Water will be distributing these systems through qualified OEM's. Res-Kem Corp is one of the qualified OEM's and will be stocking these units.

Homespring Certifications:
The Homespring Water Purifier is system tested and certified by NSF against NSF/ANSI 42 & 53 for:
- Cyst Reduction
- Turbidity Reduction
- Particulate Reduction Class 1
- Chlorine, Taste and Odor Reduction

General Specifications of the Homespring Water Purifier:
This innovative system uses ultrafiltration technology to provide the homeowner protection against viruses, bacteria and Giardia cyst. The maximum continuous flow rate is 4.5 gpm with peak up to 11 gpm. Units can be coupled for greater flows.

Homespring Features:
Whole House Treatment
Optional Activated Carbon Prefilter
ZeeWeed(R) Membranes
Flush Out Drain
Self-Cleaning, automatic backwash

Homespring Dealer Certification:
Dealers will need to be tested and certified by GE/Zenon prior to taking delivery of these systems. An on-line test is available for easy access to the certification process. Once certified, dealers will need to make a one-time purchase of an integrity test kit to ensure proper application of Homespring.

Homespring Pretreatment:
While we are just learning about this innovative product, we do know that this unit does not reduce TDS. Also, excessive hardness may foul the membrane. Although the membrane can be treated with citric acid, a softener is recommended as pretreatment. Soluble iron will pass through the membrane so staining is probable.

Homespring Rules:
In order to make the "purifier" claim certain rules exist.
1. OEM's and dealers cannot tell customers that the Homespring is certified for surface or groundwater purification. Most states require approval of each install in advance for these applications - on a site-by-site basis. OEM's and dealers cannot bypass these state regulations. When an installation requiring state regulatory approval is made, the Homespring technical team will need to be contacted.
2. Pricing cannot be posted to the web.
3. Unauthorized individuals cannot install the Homespring. This is important. The technicians installing Homespring must be tested and certified individually!
4. Homespring cannot be installed without an integrity test.

For Futher Information:
Send your email address to if you wish to receive more information about this exciting dealer opportunity.

Click for more information on the Homespring Water Purifier.


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