Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Condensate Polisher with All Stainless Steel Construction

Stainless Steel Condensate Polisher by Res-Kem Corp.
Last week, Res-Kem shipped a condensate polisher designed to treat an 80 gpm flow rate with a 390,000 grain capacity. The condensate polisher had an all stainless steel construction including an ASME code stainless steel pressure vessel, stainless steel internals, stainless steel Aquamatic valves and face piping. Not shown is the brine tank used to regenerate the high strength cation resin.

Condensate polishers can save a considerable amount of energy by reclaiming waste heat that is in the condensate return from steam boilers, rather than having a large "blowdown" to drain. Treating the condensate return, and keeping the temperature high, usually around 120F, with a condensate polisher, the blowdown rate to drain can be dramtically reduced. Recent calculations show an ROI in as little as 6 months!

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