Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Assembly Facility Expanded by 6000 sqft

Expanded Assembly Plant
In order to meet our demand for new industrial, residential, and commercial water systems, Res-Kem Corp. recently completed the move to our new, 6,000 square foot, expanded assembly facility in Aston, Pennsylvania.

As part of this effort, our Production Manager, is instituting the Kan Ban system to streamline inventory, improve order accuracy, and decrease production times. Also, we are completing an expansion of our Water Supplies Distribution Warehouse to provide better service for and rapid deliveries of the ion exchange resins, filter media, Fleck valves, Aquamatic valves, Autotrol valves, Stenner pumps, etc. you need.

Please contact us for a plant tour of our Assembly, Distribution Warehouse, and Service DI Resin Regeneration Facilities. We are just south of the Philadelphia International Airport.

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