Monday, October 13, 2014

Repeat Customer for Industrial Water Softener in Pennsylvania

After over 15 years of operation, one of Res-Kem's customers needed to replace their water softener systems and contacted us for help.
Dual 30" diameter Skid-Mounted Water Softener

Water treatment application:
Softener for boiler feed water
Savings and/or ROI the customer wants to achieve:
Replacing old system
Operating conditions:
24/7 operation, boiler make up
System configuration:
Dual alternating
Materials of construction:
30" diamter Steel tanks, skid mounted,
Cast Iron Aquamatic valves
Schedule 40 Black Iron Interconnecting Pipe
Threaded or welded:
Type of valves and actuators:
Aquamatic V42 Series Cast Iron
Control philosophy:
Metered, Aquamatic controller

Additional Information:
Industrial Water Softener bulletin
Need system sizing help
Complete Res-Kem commercial and industrial water softener product line overview

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