Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Industrial Water Softener Installed-Before and After Photos

A Delaware cosmetic derivatives manufacturer installed a dual tank industrial water softener to replace their 25 year old zeolite softeners. The transformation of the building and installation of our water softeners by the mechanical contractor was exceptional!
BEFORE - Existing Softeners During Tearout

AFTER - New Dual Res-Kem Softeners Installed After Building Refurbishment

Water treatment application:
Replacing 25 year old zeolite softeners
Savings and/or ROI the customer wants to achieve
Clean up the zeolite operations and the room where they reside. Automate the regeneration process and the monitoring of the water softeners
Operating conditions:
60-120 gpm boiler make-up
System configuration:
Singe or Dual Parallel operation PLC controlled
Materials of construction:
Since the source water being well water and the room ambient air temperature can be very hot > 95 F, condensation that can form on the tanks, therefore fiberglass tanks were used.
Schedule 80 CPVC was used to provide more strength to the system piping
Valves were Bray butterfly valves all stainless wetted parts
Threaded or welded:
Glued, Schedule 80 CPVC and flanged unit piping
Type of valves and actuators:
All Bray valve Lug style, 150 ANSI flanges. 
Solenoid were mounted directly on each valve to save wiring costs back to panels
Control philosophy:
The plant standardized their automation based upon Rockwell automation, so we provided the regeneration sequence and the necessary P&ID so their in-house PLC programmer.   His panel shop could outfit a local panel and Ethernet connection back to the main powerhouse control room.

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