Wednesday, March 18, 2009

General Water Services Website Finished

The General Water Services website,, is completely new and vastly improved. Information on deionized water system deliveries can be found there.
General Water Services is the leading provider of deionized water service in the Mid-Atlantic region
About General Water Services:
Located in suburban Philadelphia, General Water Services offers portable service DI water systems. General Water Services regenerates and delivers large and small deionized (DI) water systems. The flow rate through an individual bank of tanks ranges from 1 to 150 gpm and depending upon your flow requirement, single or multiple banks are used.
Typical deionized water systems provided by General Water Services
General Water supplies portable service DI water systems for high purity and ultra high purity water applications for virtually any process industry including, but not limited to, chemical, power, beverage, food, electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, medical device, hospitals, laboratory, glass manufacturing, and assembly industries where deionized water is critical to production available for long-term contractual service and also for short term or emergency needs.

Standard Deionized Water Service Area
General Water Services' standard service area runs north to south from New York City to Washington DC and east to west from coastal New Jersey to Harrisburg, PA
For Further Information:
Visit the General Water Services website
General Water Services brochure.
General Water Services product bulletin.

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