Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why should I treat my boiler condensate?

A question that we receive frequently from visits to customers and potential customers is "Why should I treat my boiler condensate?"
Our Answer:
The reason why to treat your boiler condensate is condensate systems always leak. Heat exchangers are where most of the leakage problems start. Tube sheet and tube leaks, of shell and tube heat exchangers, are the typical cause. This is where untreated cooling water can contaminate the process water leading to corrosion. Every system must have a method to handle this leakage.

When a condensate system is not properly controlled or simply ignored, corrosion takes place. Iron, copper, and other harmful contaminants are washed back into the boiler systems. This wastes energy because these contaminants reduce heat transfer. Depending upon the type of contaminant, a layer of 1/32" can waste between 2% and 7% of the fuel used in the boiler. Wasted Fuel Graph

A simple solution is to blow down the boiler to improve water quality, but this wastes heat, requires more makeup water, and increases boiler water chemical usage.

The cost effective solution is to "polish" your contaminated condensate for reuse. As more condensate is reused, less make up water is required, reducing both chemical consumption and energy requirements.

Res-Kem Sodium Cycle Condensate Polishers are available in a wide range of self-contained packages configured in single, double, and triple unit arrangements to treat condensate return for reuse as boiler feedwater. The standard wetted parts for Res-Kem Condensate Polishers are stainless steel. Single units are rated for flows up to 710 gpm. For larger flow rates, contact Res-Kem to determine whether larger or multiple units would be best choice.

Contact Res-Kem to work up the energy savings available by polishing your dirty condensate. The payback is both swift and dramatic.Res-Kem Condensate Polisher specification sheet

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