Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Can you analyze ion exchange resin and what do you require?

The short answer is YES. We analyze ion exchange resin and the procedure is simple!

Background Information:
The redesigned Res-Kem web site is a great resource for water treatment products and services. We have made every attempt to make the site easy to navigate. Since there is so much information on, periodically I will highlight products and services that may need additional exposure.

One of the services I would like to highlight is our resin analysis service. Your resin sample is analyzed for its:
- Chemical properties - the capacity of the resin to remove ions
- Physical properties - the percentage of whole, cracked, and broken resin beads
- Mix - the percentage of cation resin and anion resin
- Regeneration Efficiency (if applicable)
- Organic Fouling (if applicable)

You will need to take a representative sample of the resin in your vessels. This is very simple process if your equipment has been properly designed. Simply remove the manway or top mount valve from the tank. Drive a semi-rigid tube or pipe into the bed and educt or vacuum with a small clean shop type vacuum. A one-quart sample is ideal for resin analysis.

Prior to shipping your resin sample, contact Res-Kem at 800-323-1983 or 610-358-0717 so we are prepared to handle your resin sample.

We will need a purchase order and copy of the Resin Analysis Submittal Form faxed to us at 610-358-4642 OR e-mailed to The samples must have a copy of that fax or email document attached on the outside of the box. A minimum 3 oz. sample is required of INDIVIDUAL RESINS and 8 oz. for MIXED RESINS, but a quart is preferred.

The cost of the services is detailed in this price list.

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