Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Am I Using Too Much Water During My DI Regenerations?

We received a question on the amount of regeneration water an operator is using:
"Is it ok to use about 250 cubic meters of water for regenerating double-bed demineralizer system with a 125 gpm system capacity (132 cu.ft. cation volume and 55 cu.ft. anion volume)?"

Our Answer:
"250 cubic meters of water is about 66,000 gallons. Assuming you use around 20 gal/cu ft for backwash, 30 gal/cu ft for slow rinse, and 45 gal/cu ft for fast rinse; you are only using around 17,400 gallons of water total, not including dilution water for acid and caustic. Even if you round it up to 20,000 gallons, that is a long way from 66,000 gallons. You are using over three times the typical amount of water. You should work with your resin supplier to test the capacity of the resin and detect any possible foulants. You may have to clean or replace the resin."

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