Friday, February 21, 2014

Demineralizer Regeneration Frequency Determination

Routinely, I am asked how long will one of our cation-anion two bed demineralizers operate before it has to regenerate. To determine this, we need to know the flow rate and the inlet water quality.  The flow is generally known, but the water quality generally is not early in a water treatment project.  The easiest way is to use conductivity as a rough approximation of water quality for budget purposes only.  Before a system is purchased, a complete water analysis is required to verify with one of the ion exchange resin sizing programs to purchase the correctly sized demineralizer.

Here are a series of graphs I sent to the prospect to help get a budget determined.  The graphs include run times for a DT36072, DT54072 and a DT60072 dual bed demineralizers from Res-Kem. 

For Additional Information:
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Equipment Bulletin for a Res-Kem DT36072 Cation-Anion Demineralizer
Equipment Bulletin for a Res-Kem DT54072 Cation-Anion Demineralizer
Equipment Bulletin for a Res-Kem DT60072 Cation-Anion Demineralizer
Need Technical Help sizing a unit?

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