Friday, July 20, 2012

Greensand Filters Shipped to Western PA Water Plant

A western Pennsylvania, small private water utility, recently received four greensand filters to replace the filters that were failing.  Unable to get the original manufacturer to provide new, duplicate units, our customer found our website. 

Four New Greensand Filters with the Greensand Media Ready for Shipment to Water Utility in Pennsylvania
Four New Greensand Filters and Greensand Media Ready for Shipment to Water Utility

Because of State regulations, the systems and their operation needed to be as close to the original as possible, otherwise new permits would be required.  Since Greensand is in very, very short supply, the media was changed to Greensand Plus from the same manufacturer.  Sodium hypochlorite is used to continuously oxidize dissolved iron in the water coming into the filters.  Also, these filters are very unique because they are much shorter than we normally manufacture.  Our normal tank straightside is 60".  These tanks are 36" straightside.  

Three of the Existing Manual Greensand filters which show the tank corrosion
Three of Four Existing Manual Greensand Filters Showing Tank Corrosion

What does the company do? Public water

What is the Res-Kem water treatment application? Green sand filter to removed dissolved iron

What are the savings and/or ROI the customer wants to achieve? Not applicable.  The customer is replacing old existing system with identical system

What are the operating conditions, e.g. flow, temp, continuous, etc.? 60 gpm, Well Water Intermittent Flow

What is the system configuration, e.g. # of tanks, standby units, etc.? Four greensand filters in parallel operation

Materials of construction of tanks, piping, valves, frame, etc.? ASME Code Steel Tanks, 6’ Diameter X 36” Shell straight-side , PVC glued with manual ball valves

Type of valves and actuators? Manual ball valves

Control philosophy? Backwash as required based upon differential pressure

Special Features? Short fat tanks, required to fit tight area

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