Friday, February 10, 2012

Three Duplex 80 gpm Multi-Media Filters Ready for Shipment

Res-Kem is has delivered 20 of the 40 customized, duplex multi-media filters for mobile enhanced oil recovery trailers. The Res-Kem multi-media filters are sized to continuously produce 80 gpm of water to downstream equipment including steam generators.  The trailers generate steam which is injected into wells to recover more oil. The system started out as one of our customizable standard duplex multi-media filters.

Three duplex Multi-media filters that are in the process of getting ready for shipment
Three Duplex Multi-Media Filters Being Prepared for Shipment
We added the following features to meet the customer's requirements:
  • UV resistant tank coating for enhanced tank life
  • Welded Schedule 10 stainless steel face piping for corrosion resistance
  • Skid mounting on stainless steel frame
  • Custom configured inlet and outlet piping locations to minimze piping between  other equipment on trailer
  • Bray butterfly valves with position indicators and limit switches
  • All valve solenoids and limit switches are wired to a single NEMA 4X stainless steel box to be interfaced with PLC which will control all equipment on the trailer
  • Resin trap on the product line of each filter to protect downstream equipment
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