Thursday, August 18, 2011

Trailer & Skid Mounted Mobile Water Treatment Systems Available

Res-Kem, in association with our parent company, Nalco, now offers many different mobile water treatment system options. Whether you need supplemental water for short-term shortages, temporary water while waiting for a new system to be delivered, or improved water quality due to a change in feedwater, we can provide the mobile options to meet your needs.
Res-Kem RO systems in 53 foot trailer ready for shipment.
Our mobile fleet includes equipment installed in containers, trailers, or skid mounted to meet your water quality requirements. Equipment technologies we offer include:
  • RO units

  • Deionization (DI) tanks

  • Multi-media Filtration

  • Activated Carbon Filtration

  • Ion Exchange Softening

  • Iron Removal

Res-Kem RO skid system ready to be installed.
We can customize the water treatment unit operations to meet your individual application requirements. These are trailer options we offer:
  • Mobile RO Trailers - 500 gpm Single pass RO or 220 gpm Double pass RO

  • Mobile DI Trailers - Maximum flow rate of 350 gpm and a 4.3 million grain capacity

  • Mobile Pretreatment Trailers - 600 gpm for filtered water or 800 gpm softened water

CAD drawings of a combination RO-Prefiltration trailer and a filtration trailer
Typical mobile water treatment applications include:
  • Scheduled shutdown and maintenance

  • Additional capacity needed due to plant expansion

  • Change in process requiring better water quality

  • Water for pilot testing

  • Interim water service while awaiting the installation of permanent equipment

  • Seasonal water variances in quantity or quality

  • Inlet water quality no longer meets specifications

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