Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fleck and Aquamatic Valve Service Training

On July 27-28, fifteen of Res-Kem's service supervisors and technicians attended a training program on servicing Fleck valves and Aquamatic valves. These people represented the Eastern Service Region and cover areas from Maine to Florida as far west as Pittsburgh.

From this training program, Res-Kem now has additional coverage for softener and filter install, start-up and repair throughout the Eastern Region.

We were fortunate to again have Dave Smith from Pentair to lead the education on the features, maintenance, and repair of Pentair Fleck light industrial and commercial valves. Dave gave a hands-on trouble-shooting and repair training program on Fleck valves. He had the Pentair Fleck 2850 and Fleck 9100 valves on hand so each person could tear down and rebuild each of the valves.
Dave Smith from Pentair giving training on Fleck valves

Bob Hader, Service Manager of Res-Kem, led the program to identify, disassemble, and repair common cast iron Aquamatic V42 series, plastic Aquamatic K530 series & plastic K520 series Aquamatic valves. These valves are the most frequently found valves on water
You are welcome to view our YouTube videos on identifying which valve you have, how to use the ordering guides, selecting the correct valve/parts, and how to repair/replace these valves. You can also access the videos through our website.

Michael Urbans gave a demonstration of a dual tank softener in Res-Kem's wet test area. Our service technicians were able to diagnose a 10 year old problem sofetner valve returned from a customer.

If you ever have questions about Fleck or Aquamatic valves, please feel free to contact our expert Mike Polito at 610-358-0717. If you have an Aquamatic. Fleck or Autotrol valve at your plant and need a replacement or replacement parts, please take photos and send them to mpolito@reskem.com.


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