Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stainless Steel Condensate Polisher with Bray Valves

Res-Kem just completed another condensate polisher manufactured in stainless steel. This system uses our standard design with optional butterfly valves.

Res-Kem Corp's 304L Stainless Steel Condensate Polisher with automatic bypass and welded 304L SS welded piping using stainless Bray butterfly valves
The vessel is manufactured from 304L stainless steel with 100 psi ASME code construction. Pipe assemblies are welded Schedule 10 304L stainless steel piping. This single unit condensate polisher has an added feature of automatic bypass. The customer required our optional Bray butterfly valve design.
Stainless Bray butterfly valves used on Res-Kem Corp's 304L Stainless Steel Condensate Polisher
The actuators are air open/spring return so the valves can work with the GE Aquamatic 962 series stager controller.

Regeneration is initiated by either:
  • Gallon throughput

  • High differential pressure

  • Timeclock

Additional Information:
Condensate Polisher Product Bulletin
The white paper, "Condensate Polisher Savings of 23% Realized Through Value Engineering", shows how a value engineering team yielded the best condensate polishing system for the money.

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