Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Automatic DI Bank Switching and Data Acquisition Controller

Res-Kem has developed an integrated DI Bank Switching and Data Acquisition Automation Controller. The system monitors the inlet and outlet resistivity and the flow rate. At one of several alarm points, the system will send a text message to any number of email addresses and mobile devices. As part of a service agreement with Res-Kem/General Water, the system will warn Res-Kem/General Water personnel to prepare for a replacement of the soon to be exhausted bank of DI bottles.

Depending upon the system programming the bank will attempt to rinse to quality in several stages. If it does not succeed, the bank will switch to a standby bank and notify Res-Kem that the bank is exhausted fully and needs to be changed out.

The reason why Res-Kem developed this product is many people were having problems getting replacement parts and proprietary circuit boards for the excellent product called the Aquaswitch II a registered trademark of Myron L. Also, with reduced staffing at most of our customers, people do not have the time to monitor a stack light or resistivity monitor. As a result, the quality can be poorer than required potentially damaging down stream processes and products.


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