Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Residential Water Treatment Training Program at Res-Kem

It was a very eventful time here at Res-Kem the past few days in training. I learned about various resins and how certain chemicals react together depending upon their positive or negative charge. I also learned how complex carbon is and how different it can vary in quality. I have a better understanding on how water treatment units are sold through independent dealers and through franchises. I learned about the physical attributes of water treatment units. Learning about mechanical and electronical interfaces on valves gave me sufficient insight on the technological advancement in the Residential sector. Understanding how the quality of water in Residential can effect people's lives is very interesting.
Pentair Fleck 7000XTR valve for Residential and Light Commercial Applications
One of the most interesting things I observed this week was the processes Res-Kem employees must maintain in order to help move this company forward in the water treatment industry, while serving the general public.

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