Monday, May 04, 2009

Resin Traps-Insurance for Industrial Water Systems

Recently, Res-Kem published a white paper entitled "Inexpensive Insurance for Water Treatment Systems-Resin Traps" by Ron Madden. In this white paper, three examples demonstrate how resin traps act as inexpensive insurance for costly problems that can develop when ion exchange resin reaches downstream process areas, process equipment, or the product. Depending upon the plant or process, the payback can be nearly instantaneous!

Resin Trap installed in containerized deionized water treatment vesssels to protect downstream process in a Philadelphia region refinery
A simple resin trap, long favored by experienced operators of water treatment
equipment, is an inexpensive form of insurance being used more frequently in water treatment systems. Should an internal lateral break or otherwise fail, resin traps eliminate the possibility of ion exchange resin or other filtration media leaving water treatment equipment where it belongs, and prevent it from traveling downstream where it does not belong. Install a resin trap. Like insurance, do not wait until catastrophe strikes to see the value.

The three examples are from:
  • An automotive plant where the resin trap was installed AFTER a plant shutdown
  • A poultry plant where the resin trap was installed AFTER a plant shutdown and quarantine of millions of pounds of processed chicken
  • A refinery installed BEFORE a problem occur ed
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