Monday, December 08, 2008

Triple Softener System for Steam Heat Peaking Plant Sized for 750 gpm Flow

Here is another example of number of the industrial, commercial, residential, and/or residential water treatment systems being designed, assembled, shipped and installed by Res-Kem engineers, pipefitters, and/or contractors within in the past few months.
Res-Kem Corp. Triple Industrial Softeners with 54-inch diameter vessels being prepared for shipment from our facility in Aston, PA
A Boston steam heating company needed to replace their aging Permutit triple softening system. These units, with Permutit multiport valves, had reached the end of their life.

Existing Permutit Triple Softener system using Permutit multiport valves for operation and regeneration at steam heat peaking station
Res-Kem was selected based upon the recommendation of a sister company in Cambridge, MA which had a Res-Kem triple softening plant at their facility. Since the Permutit multiport valves are no longer commercially available, the Res-Kem design used Aquamatic valves instead of the Permutit valves. Also, it appears the size of the existing Permutit units was too large for the plant flow requirements. Res-Kem used a peak design flow from the softeners of 750 gpm. Upon careful review and competitive bidding process, Res-Kem was selected to provide the replacement system.

Several design changes from the standard Res-Kem industrial softener design were needed to meet the unique requirements of this peaking plant. In particular, the valves needed to be changed from our standard normally open (air to close) actuation to normally closed (air to open) actuation. This was done so the valves will fail closed in the event of loss of air pressure. Normally air pressure is used to stop the water flow during periods of downtime. In this case, when the plant is not being used to generate steam, virtually all power is turned off including tha air compressors to save energy.

Res-Kem Corp. Industrial Softeners with 54-inch diameter vessel prior to shipment from our facility in Aston, PA. System uses normally closed (air to open) Aquamatic valves and incorporates a brine distributor in vessel.

With precise drawings by Res-Kem engineers, accurate assembly by Res-Kem pipefitters, and excellent coordination with the site mechanical contractor, the water softeners are being rapidly installed. Commissioning is scheduled for the week of December 15, 2008 only 5 business days from shipment! When our start-up engineer visits for operator training, we will post a picture of the installation.

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